The O way

We are on a mission to evolve the way you eggsperience food!

Obar cafe is a breakfast, brunch & evening bar that specializes in all forms of delicious egg creations.  We strive to deliver a healthy, outstanding & convenient eating experience to all of our patrons at Obar.  Our eggs are used in a variety of ways to offset over usage of unnecessary grains and carbohydrates found in most breads.  Organic eggs allow for a leaner and more clean approach to dynamic and delicious eating.

The concept of Obar Cafe was built around the idea that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice making healthy choices when they are on the go. As a health-conscious alternative to fast food, we’re delivering fresh, protein-packed meals in a fun, modern environment with a variety of egg-based creations from morning until night.

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O Coffee & Tea — In conjunction with Obar, we deliver a unique specialized coffee blend only to be offered at Obar. We roast utilizing coffee beans from all over the globe while adding mouth-quenching citrus additions to the equation.


Enjoy the Obar eggsperience!

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